Kate Elliott

Shoe Girl

For Kate running is more of a lifestlye then anything else. She has been in love with running for as long as she can remember. She finds running a metaphor for her life. It all started when she was a young girl running through the hills and trails of Connecticut. She was constantly running a three mile loop around her childhood home after school and then joined cross country and track in high school. That is where she met her coach Melody Fairchild, a professional athlete, and a Nike elite runner. She taught Kate how to be tough, how to believe in herself, and motivated her to work hard. She moved to Santa Barbara in 2005 so she could run all year round! Through this sport she has met her closet friends and continues to find herself on long runs, sunrises, and ocean views. The marathon is her favorite distance but Kates goals are to run more races, along with running a 3 hr marathon or under. Kate is a dedicated member of the SB Running & Racing team. She loves shoes, socks, runner’s blogs, foam rollers, her garmin, and lets just saying anything running related.

“Last month my Mizuno WaveRiders were my favorite shoe. Now it’s the Adidas EnergyBoost. I switch between the two. The WaveRider is the firmer shoe which supports my feet really well, and I’ll wear it for shorter runs. I like the EnrgyBoost for long runs, where the softness and support makes running on the pavement feel more like running on the grass. I agree with Adidas that it does indeed give me a spring in my step! And with any shoe, I must have my Balegas and Features socks!”

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