Handlebar Coffee Roasters

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The end of one excellent adventure reaches the finish line and a new stage begins! After ten plus years as professional cyclists, Aaron and I have switched our focus and joined the artisanal coffee movement.

A connection between coffee and cycling…who knew!?

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and race at a world class level. As a result, we have a lifetime of memories and experiences that we promise will be reflected in the energy that we bring to handlebar coffee. Our passion for coffee developed over the years as we found ourselves soaking up culture and catching up with friends, in cafes all over the World.

Now that the race wheels are hung up, we are following our dream of roasting the perfect bean and providing Santa Barbara with a quality, sustainable, neighborhood coffee bar. If you can’t visit us in person, we’ll ship our freshly-roasted coffee directly to you! Our ultimate goal as micro-roasters is to provide an extraordinary coffee experience that’s environmentally conscientious and undeniably delicious.

Visit Handlebar Coffee Roasters at: http://handlebarcoffee.com/